Thursday, May 25

Going to buy a Triumph in shorts and slippers? Hold on

Triumph Motorcycles India will refused to hand over bikes to customers if not appropriately dressed to take the motorcycle home. Following the policy of ride safely and ride responsibly,  British motorcycle brand has already refused to sell its bike to 12 such people who came dressed inappropriately for taking delivery of their machines.

Vimal Sumbly, Triumph Motorcycles India MD, reveals that the company has refused to hand over bikes to some customers in the past two years, if the customer was not appropriately dressed to take the motorcycle home.

The company politely requests that the customers come back properly dressed, or it provides them with the gear till they reach home. Sometimes, the company even delivers the bike to their homes.

“People come in slippers, floaters or shorts and say, ‘I want to buy the bike.’ You can’t judge by a person’s face, but if he is not properly dressed and just wants to show off that he has just bought a bike, that is not happening, They are well versed with the brand. But some are new money and there is certain arrogance with that. We refuse those customers. Sometimes, the refusal has a backlash. They have come back aggressively saying, ‘It is our money, who are you to decide?’ Few of them went on social media to vent too,” says Sumbly.

Triumph sells a range of sporty motorcycles in India, starting from 7 lakh rupees (for the Bonneville) and going all the way up to 22 lakh rupees (for the Rocket III). Triumph has just overtaken Harley Davidson as India’s largest high-end bike maker.


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