Tuesday, May 30

Tata Sierra Reborn at 2020 Delhi Auto Expo

The unveil of the Tata Sierra EV concept marks the return of the iconic nameplate.

The concept looks quite rugged with upright stance, high ground clearance, large tyres and bold SUV-ish characters. The Tata Sierra SUV concept is based on the lightweight, modular Alfa (Agile Light Flexible Advanced) platform that also underpins the newly-launched Altroz premium hatchback.

The homegrown manufacturer has certainly brought back the legendary nameplate with a stunning concept but Tata Motors has not officially commented on the possibility of its launch.

With the Sierra EV concept, Tata Motors has given a modern and progressive look into the future of SUVs and it boasts a fully electrified powertrain with no specifications revealed.

The timeless design of the 1990s is there to see as the concept features rear fixed windows and three doors. The overall greenhouse is large and sturdy in appearance and it appears to have a long wheelbase.

Source: Gaadiwaadi

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  • […] The Sierra EV Concept continues the development of the IMPACT 2.0 design language creating vehicles that look sharp and reflect the contemporary expression of Tata Motors design. It is a 4.1 metre SUV and is the third vehicle based on the new ‘Agile Light Flexible Advanced’ (ALFA) Architecture and is a full EV. Tata didn’t disclose any plans for production. Read full story here […]

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