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The Saddle Store – “We are open for business”

Initiative starts with the letter I and so we have The Saddle Store, a venture by brothers Harshad & Sourabh Sane who apart from their formal differences (read career paths) have one factor in common- Riding.

It is indeed a rare sight to see siblings being active in the same group (from known sources they were active members of one of India’s largest riding groups) and then moved on to start their own riding group based out of Pune.

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With quite a few successfully executed biking and outdoor adventure related events executed by them over the years, starting up an accessories and outdoor equipment store takes them to the next level – entrepreneurship. Opening their doors on a government holiday signifies that they are here to enjoy what they do and not just have another business venture.

Opening their doors at 6pm saw not just friends and family but also fellow riders from other fraternities attend the inauguration of the store on 1st May 2016.

Walking in to the store one does not feel that they have entered a helmet shop or a garage, the ambiance is that of a boutique. Which ambient lighting, the subtle interiors have an aura and charm of its own. When asked about the well-designed interiors, all Harshad said was that a fellow rider worked out the interiors and lighting, they went to the market purchased the materials and set it up! During the course of conversation with them never did the word “customer” or a synonym of it show up. Thus giving out the message that The Saddle Store is a shop for the bikers by bikers and of the bikers.

Setting itself apart from other stores they have ace biker Urvashi Patole with an integral role to play in the venture. With Urvashi’s expertise in the riding circuit they will be working to cater to the riding needs and requirements for the growing community of women motorcyclists in Pune. Thus being a niche store that houses exclusive products for women bikers too.

Taking keen interest in a few of their products we asked for more details – the prompt reply, “drop in at your time and we will discuss it over a cup of tea or coffee.” Coffee? Keeping the biker sentiment in mind the idea is to have bikers not just dabble with their choice in a limited time span but to test the product on their vehicle for fitment at their comfort rather then run back and forth between the garage and the store. To keep the creativity at its best there have arranged for tea/coffee for the erstwhile biker.

Housing the best-known brands in the biking as well as adventure verticals from stickers, t-shirts to luggage systems and special purpose tyres for your motorcycling adventures The Saddle Store is not just a one-stop shop for riders but is the place for bikers to hangout while they shop! We wish them well for this new venture.

Here is a list of major brands:

  1. Cramster
  2. Dirstsack
  3. Vega
  4. 100KMPH
  5. Axor
  6. Mototech

Phone: 098605 00101

Address: Near hotel Rajwada, Someshwarwadi Road, Baner, Pune

Timing: 11 am – 9pm (7 days a week)

You can also drop them a line on facebook:

Article by: Savio Tavadia

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