Monday, October 3

Rs.10k fine for vehicles without reflective tapes. Noida Police

Noida Traffic Police has initiated a campaign to reduce accidents in the city due to low visibility in foggy weather. They have asked people to paste reflective tapes on their vehicles because of the weather conditions and decreasing visibility. In addition, the Noida police also pasted reflective tapes on pillars and barricades as they sometimes act as blind spot for vehicles.

A few days ago, it began as an experiment, where Noida Traffic Police requested people to paste reflective tapes on vehicles passing through the DND Flyway toll plaza. The experiment has now become an essential move. All the people who will now be seen without riding or driving with reflective tape on their vehicle will be fined Rs 10,000 by the Noida Traffic Police. The said fine has now been inducted in the Motor Vehicle Act.

Generally, all private vehicles, including both four- and two-wheelers get a reflector pasted on the rear side of the vehicle, so traffic police will only boost the awareness among citizens to recheck their reflectors.

It is to ne noted that INR. 10,000 fine is on commercial vehicles as per MV Act. All private vehicles are factory fitted with reflectors. Vehicle owners are advised to check their vehicles and repair the broken reflectors, if any due to foggy weather conditions.

The reflective tapes are a necessity for vehicles like trucks and tractors as they are often the cause behind severe accidents and move on the roads without proper lights or reflectors.

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