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Remembering Paul Walker on his Bday. Top 5 cars he drove in Fast and the Furious Movies

Today, September 12, is the 44th birthday of Paul Walker, the Fast and Furious fame actor whose death had shocked the world. Tragically the actor who features in all but half of the first seven editions of the film series Fast and the Furious, died in a car crash. Ironically, one of his famous quotes totally describes the way his last ride took place. The quote goes around like, “If one day speed kills me, don’t cry. Because I was smiling.”

Walker was born and raised in California and was always an adventurous person.

Walker starred in such films as, “Varsity Blues”, “Pleasantville”, “Flags of our Fathers”, and “Into the Blue.”

Tragically, Walker was killed while test driving a Porsche in November of 2013. Roger Rodas, a good friend of Walker’s, was driving the car when it crashed. The “Fast and Furious” star was only 40 when the car crash took his life.

Walker loved cars, he owned over 30 different ones that were kept in a warehouse.


Remembering on his birthday here are the top 5 cars that the actor drove in the Fast and the Furious Movies



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