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Support Rajini Krishnan to conquer 2016 Malaysia Superbike Championship

The perfect poet is a poet on a motorcycle, as they say. This article is for a man who is exceptionally phenomenal and is indeed a trooper! He is a true example for every rider who wants to do something resourceful with their biking skills. Many people would not even be familiar with this name, but the guy has made India proud. He is none other than Rajini Krishnan and is one of India’s most prolific motorcycle racers.

Rajini is all geared up for participating in the Pirelli Malaysia Superbike Championship which is set to begin on May 13, 2016. He is participating there for a second time. He won the title last year. 2015 was also the year where he stood 4th in the Qatar SBK 1000cc Championship.

Rajini Krishnan (1)

He is the nine-time consecutive national road racing Champion in multiple categories from 2003 to 2012.  Not only this, Rajini runs a racing Institute in Greater Noida where the Indian Grand Prix was conducted.

Rajini started Rajini Academy of Competitive Racing(R.A.C.R) with the main aim of developing the inherent potential of racing in riders and also giving back sports what he got from it today.

The champ is relying on crowdfunding to participate in the Malaysia Championship to compete. The money raised will be used for his travel and stay in Malaysia as well as his to pay the Malaysia-based Chia Motor Racing PJ team which he will hire. Rajini  has always raced internationally using money contributed by fans and friends.

Rajini says,” Corporate  sponsorship for Motorsports is very hard to come by especially for an individual sportsman from India . I have been supported by my fans all my career with almost no corporate sponsorship. This time too, I am confident Indian sports lovers, motorsport enthusiasts and my fans will not fail me. Please support me as much as you can. No amount is small. Every little amount will go in a big way to support me.”

Rajini Krishnan (3)

He adds,” My requirement is Rs 16,00,000/- Hoping corporates will be able to sponsor some of the amount.”

To know more about how to contribute and all about Rajini, watch the video in the link given below.

Click here to follow the link where you can make contribution to Rajini Krishnan

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