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PUNE OFF-ROAD EXPEDITION 2016 concludes successfully

The rain soaked edition of Pune Off-Road Expedition 2016 that kicked off at 11am on amidst much fanfare concluded successfully on Sunday, July 31 at Adventure Maval Panshet.

This year’s edition saw over 300 participants taking their machines in to the far ends of the trail, while this expedition had no prizes (a pre- ride briefing also let  riders know that this was no race) it did in fact leave its trail of fresh brown soil on all participants and their machines.

8Moto Pune off-road expedition 2016 (67)

Unlike last year that saw an almost dry monsoon, this year’s rain soaked terrain made it even trickier. Thus putting all nerves and cables to its wits end while enduring the gruelling trail. While technology and machinery may have taken a setback in a few rare cases, it was true brotherhood and grit that took over.

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Be it quick fixes, helping up fallen riders or for that matter giving the slick tired and heavy weighted machines a push up the hill the participants truly egged on this year. Setting off in batches of 10 participants with a 20-second window, apart from the regular bunch of motorcycles seen, there was a scooter and a Bajaj Avenger too!

On the showcase side all visitors got a glimpse of UM Motorcycles Renegade twins who graced their presence while other event partners too showcased their creations too.

After a piping hot breakfast the ride begun from the point of origin to the end point where after a brief rest they travelled back to Adventure Maval for lunch accompanied by some light music where all attendees shared anecdotes of the ride and headed onward after collecting their certificates and souvenirs of the event.

This indeed was no ordinary adventure but indeed an adventure that counts down to another 360 odd days to come. Until their next edition…

Pune Off-Road Expedition 2016 

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