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8Moto back with Pune Off-Road Expedition 2016 on July 31

8Moto in association with Natgeo Adventures, Greasemonkeys Custom Motorcycles and Performance Parts brings to you the 2016 edition of the Pune Off Road Expedition 2016.

This ride through the challenging terrain set in the Sahyadris kick-starts from Adventure Maval (At Post Ambegaon, Panshet, Pune -412107) at 11.00am after a light breakfast at While last year’s edition saw over 100+ participants with various class of motorcycles ranging from enthusiasts to pro-athletes and a few 4 wheelers, this year the number is expected to be a lot more.
Pune Off-Road Expedition  image credits-
Pune Off-Road Expedition image credits-
For those of you who will be new to the experience, as a standard 8Moto has a team of medics, mechanics to attend to you or your vehicle and along the route there are marshals to assist you. It sounds like a walk in the park, a park filled with slush, muck, torrential downpour and enthusiasm of the all riders including you! Do not bother to watch out for snipers en-route who will be engaged in capturing snippets of the day’s events. After covering the gruelling 70 kilometres trail (The total distance covered will be about 35 kms from point A-B and back to A),  expect to return to base camp by about 4:30 pm for a late lazy lunch.
Pune Off-Road Expedition PC team-bhp (1)
Pune Off-Road Expedition PC team-bhp (1)
 The organisers being prominent riders of various clubs across the country, they take no excuse for compromise when it comes to safety – be it yours or your vehicle and therefore are insistent that the rider (and pillion) be appropriately geared up for the event. This event is not a race or a rally; it is the coming together of family and friends of the riding fraternity irrespective of class or make or scooter, motorcycle or four-wheeler. Therefore keep your racing gloves at home and enjoy the ride at your leisure. In case of four wheelers, do have all the necessary checks done well in advance so that you may have a smooth ride to the finish line.
Pune Off-Road Expedition PC team-bhp (1)
Pune Off-Road Expedition PC team-bhp (1)
Entry Fee – 600/- (Inclusive of Medical and Mechanical Backup, Breakfast, Snacks, Lunch, Goodies and one heck of a ride!)
Here is the itinerary for the day:
10.00 – 10.45 AM – Breakfast and Registration
10.45 – 11.00 AM – Briefing
11.00 – Flag off
14.30 – Meet up at Point B
16.00 – Late lunch
Pune Off-Road Expedition PC team-bhp (1)
Pune Off-Road Expedition PC team-bhp (1)
 Here are a few important pointers by the organisers in case you are planning to join the ride:
  • Make sure your bike is in the best shape.
  • Please inform us about any special medical condition.
  • Carry all riding gear such as gloves, shoes, helmet, armoured jacket (ALL THESE ARE AN ABSOLUTE MUST. YOU WILL NOT BE ENTERTAINED WITHOUT THESE).
  • Make sure you are riding with a tank full of fuel.
  • Make sure you ride in groups and not alone.
  • If you are participating for the first time and you find a particular section tricky and difficult, DO NOT HESITATE TO ASK FOR HELP.
  • Carry water on the ride.
  • Any kind of intoxication will result in immediate disqualification from the group.
  • In the end, make sure you keep the rubber side down and make sure you have fun.


To connect with the event on Facebook, Click here
Pune Off-Road Expedition 2016
Sunday, July 31 at 9:00am
Adventure Maval Panshet, Pune, India

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