Monday, May 29

Polestar Percept four-door grand tourer electric car revealed

Polestar reveals the Precept – a stunning four-door grand tourer electric car. The name “Precept” was chosen to emphasise the vehicle’s role in setting out Polestar’s intent as the contemporary electric performance brand.

Minimalistic athleticism, the sculpted form of the Polestar Precept sets the tone for future Polestar vehicles.

Precept features an integrated front wing above the SmartZone which accelerates air flow over the long bonnet. This allows air to attach itself to the surface earlier, which improves aerodynamic efficiency and thus improves the vehicle’s range. At the rear, the wide light-blade spans the entire width of the car, extending into vertical aero-wings – another aerodynamic feature and a nod to light-weight design.

Conventional side mirrors are replaced by camera-based units, each of which extends outwards on an aerodynamic arm. Inside, the traditional rear-view mirror is replaced with a digital screen, the image collected by a wide-angle camera mounted at the rear of the car.

Polestar announced a plan for its future interiors to feature sustainable, lightweight materials. A flax-based natural fiber composite used in the interior panels and seatbacks will yield a 50 percent savings in weight and an 80 percent reduction in plastic waste, Polestar says. The concept’s seat surfaces are 3D-knitted from recycled plastic bottles, the bolsters and headrests are made from recycled cork vinyl, and the carpets incorporate recycled fishing nets.

The Polestar features portrait-oriented 15-inch centre touch screen complements a 12.5-inch driver display.

The instrument panel also hosts an array of smart sensors. Eye tracking will allow the car to monitor the driver’s gaze and adjust the content of the various screens accordingly. Proximity sensors also enhance the usability of the centre display when driving.

Polestar will present Precept at the Geneva International Motor Show from 5-15 March 2020.

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