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Open road – As open as it gets

Open road, a company inspired by the tagline of an another entrepreneur venture, Motomonks. Although open roads was an apt title, bringing this store closer to the bikers heart is the theory that “life is an open road.”

The USP of Open Road, located at East Court of off Phoenix Market city, Pune is not just a store but also community centre for bikers where one can pick and choose from a plethora of brands while sipping on a hot brew or munching into some tasty delights. In contrast most stores that keep the FOOD out, they intend to have a few delights without the need to go out for that cup of coffee or tea.

In their endeavour to blend in with the mindset of the biker, this is an owner based initiative and a first in their line of businesses, which are traditionally run by the staff. Be it JP or Gagan, one can always find the brothers here seven days a week from 9 am to 11pm. No, this is not a miss print; you heard right 11 in the night. That is pretty much the same working hours for your average cafe or place to be with friends or family. Going beyond the balance sheets they do exuberate a firm belief that this is a place for all, be it a solo rider or even clubs for that matter.

Having toyed with the idea while en-route in the service van on a trip to Ladakh returning from Srinagar to Pune they drew out the schematics and a long term plan for the business. While the store co- incidentally is a few – odd metres off the Highway this 20 seater cafe that houses an apparel and accessories store for bikers one can also book a ride to most riding destinations on offer.

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Unlike most places, for a nominal price the idea is that you make yourself a coffee while you munch on a host of goodies to choose. All this while to inspect, pick and choose the gear that best suits your riding style. Keeping in mind that a ride in the morning is incomplete without a good breakfast, there would be a host of chefs coming in to dish out everything from the essential breakfast delicacies to dhaba styled culinary delights.

Going beyond the basics of just a cafe or a store, on event days the items on the menu will be nothing short of a food festival. Having said that, the variety in the store ranges from t-shirts to leather riding jackets and from luggage systems to electrical accessories. The variety of leather jackets designed by Kavachi are not just smart but also intend to keep the rider in safe hands, be it on the highway or for that matter stepping in to a party.

Another highlight in the leather section are the Trip machine saddle bags that are not just your regular luggage systems but also double up as brief case for those board meetings too. For those looking to go beyond making style statement and add that extra oomph there are the handle bar grips too.

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Bringing together India’s finest brands like Tripmachine, Kavachi Dirtsack luggage systems and accessories, Alternate clothing, Zues and Pune’s home grown apparel brand 100kmph Open Road has already opened for business and will have a formal launch on Sunday, the 15th of May 2016.

Address: Open Road, UG-19, East Court, Phoenix Market City, Viman nagar, Pune

Phone: 090110 30144

Facebook Page:

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