Monday, May 29

Mahindra Roxor reintroduced in North America

Mahindra has reintroduced Roxor side-by-side in the North American market after it discontinued as it faced lawsuits from FCA based on similar designs. The Roxor is essentially based on the old Thar DI. It is classified as an off-road UTV (Utility Task Vehicle) with a 4×4 drivetrain, also referred to as a side-by-side by the North American consumers.

The old Thar-based Roxor was first launched in 2018 but was sidelined a couple of years later due to a legal dispute between Mahindra and Jeep. The latter accused the former of infringing its trademarked design as it was quite similar to the original jeep vehicle from the 1940s. The new design, especially the front fascia with wider bonnet does away with any possible similarities while staying true to the iconic shape of a do-it-all jeep. Even the International Trade Commission has also cleared the new Roxor of any trademark infringements.

In the new design, Mahindra has done away with elements similar to Jeep. The updated design features a wider front that has more space between the headlamps. It also has a twin-horizontal slat grille with honeycomb inserts painted in black. The fenders are integrated as the wheels have been protected with a wider bonnet. The grilles that taper down the front bumper can give the user a view of the suspension and tyres.

The Roxor is meant to be a work tool for farms, ranches and outbacks, and it is built as such. There are not many comforts to it and it is built to be simple, rugged and reliable. Under the hood, the Roxor boasts a 2.5-litre diesel engine that generates a power of 64 hp and a peak torque of 195 Nm. The vehicle sports a top speed of 88kmph. Based on the discontinued first-generation Mahindra Thar, this vehicle comes with two gearbox choices and a five-speed manual and six-speed automatic gear. It is also capable to tow weights up to 1,583 kgs. The Roxor will be available in only red and black colours.

The new Roxor SUV isn’t likely to be launched in the Indian market as it is a US-spec model.

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