Tuesday, May 30

Man crashes car to Nexon headquarters. Blames company for game addiction

33 year old Lee from China crashed a car into the head office of game firm Nexon in South Korea on Sunday, claiming the company had “ruined his life.” Online video games were his weakness.

Lee was in South Korea on a three-month visitor permit. He crashed a car into the head office of a company specialized in video games called Nexon. The company is well-known for its very popular free-to-play games on both mobile platforms and PC.

At the time of the incident, Lee’s blood alcohol level was over the legal limit and the car had been borrowed from his brother who lives in South Korea. It’s not clear if he had permission to take the car or not, but either way he does not hold a driving license. Luckily no one was injured or even killed.

Lee told the police that he had become addicted to games created by the company and it also ruined his life. However he did not explain how exactly the video games ruined his life. Might be, Lee have gotten into financial troubles because of subscribing online games and requires a paid account.

This incident clearly shows how addiction to online games can affect people’s lives. We are not blaming the video games or its creators because they are into business. It is up to the user on how long to keep playing and spend money on.

Source: koreaherald.com

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