Saturday, June 10

Mahindra Thar inspired Roxor off-road only SUV unveiled in USA

Mahindra has unveiled the Mahindra Roxor off-road only SUV in United States. The off-road vehicle is heavily inspired by Mahindra Thar and will be sold under the Mahindra North America or ‘MANA’ in the United States.

Mahindra Roxor will be manufactured at Mahindra’s Auburn manufacturing plant in Detroit, Michigan. Prices start at $15,549, which converts to a little over Rs 10 lakhs. Considering the Thar costs about the same in Indian market, it makes for a good buy in the US.

The Roxor is a bare-bones SUV with no doors or a roof! Even the dashboard is just a dial with a white face, and headlight and horn switches. The Roxor uses a five-slat grille, unlike the typical seven-slat grille of Mahindra’s current vehicles, also seen on Jeeps. The buyers of the Roxor will be able to select from over 900 paint shades.

Everything from the exterior and interior colours, safari seats and back seats and ride heights to the hard tops, winches and side enclosures, mirrors, light bars, roofs, audio systems and even grab rails will be offered with a high level of personalisation.

The Roxor is powered by a 2.5L Turbo Diesel engine producing 62 hp and 195 Nm and is mated to a 5-Speed manual gearbox. Considering this is not a street legal vehicle and falls in the off-highway category of motor vehicles in the US, top speed is limited to 72kph. The Roxor gets four-wheel-drive as standard. The suspension setup is a simpler leaf sprung rigid axles at the front and rear.

Mahindra will not retail the Roxor through a standard dealership network, but instead through a new powersports dealer network, which would help it tap into the powersports market. The model is the Indian carmakers first from the new assembly plant in southeast Michigan.  There is no word on when the Roxor will launch officially in the US, though Mahindra is expected to share more details on that towards the end of this month.

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