Tuesday, May 30

Mahindra exits from mass two-wheeler market in India

Mahindra & Mahindra has quit the mass market two-wheeler category. With the acquisition of Kinetic Motors roughly a decade ago, the business wasn’t performing to the Company’s sales expectations which is the reason why the manufacturer has taken this decision.

The sales figure came crashing down by 77 percent during the period April-July in the domestic market versus corresponding period last year.  While the dealers report that sales continue as normal, the company has slowly been looking to the Mojo as the product that will take it forward.

Mahindra will no longer develop new mass-market two wheelers such as 100-150cc scooters and motorcycles. The niche product Mojo, which is a premium mid-capacity touring motorcycle, is where M&M intends to focus for future development. So, the likes of the Mahindra Centuro motorcycle and the Gusto, Rodeo and Duro scooters will go out of production, and replacements won’t be developed.

The company has also started work on products to be launched under the European brands Jawa and BSA.

However, existing sales and service functions will continue. Over time, small-capacity Mahindra two wheelers will be phased out.


Source: moneycontrol.com

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