Tuesday, May 30

Kawasaki motorcycles gets make-over for 2018 range

A whole host of colour updates and graphic treatments will be available soon on a variety of Kawasaki machinery, ready for the 2018 model year.

In the supersport field several models have either small changes or more fundamental make-overs for the new season. Of the Supercharged models the Ninja H2R will appear in updated colour and graphic treatment for 2018, while the Ninja H2 Carbon adds mirror coated spark black to matte spark black for a new dual colour look.

Both the popular race oriented Ninja 650 KRT edition and the Ninja ZX-10R KRT Replica are updated for 2018 with KRT superbike influenced graphics. The Ninja 650 KRT edition features lime green with ebony and the Ninja ZX-10R KRT Replica arrives in lime green with ebony and metallic graphite grey.

Both the ZZR1400 and ZZR1400 Performance Sport benefit from visual changes, the former moving to metallic carbon grey and emerald blazed green while the Performance Sport will be resplendent in a variation with emerald blazed green taking precedence along with metallic carbon grey.

The Z1000 R Edition features new indicators and changes to metallic matte carbon grey allied to metallic spark black while all three Versys 1000 models will change colour for the next sales season. Those options will be metallic flat spark black with metallic spark black, candy fire red with metallic flat spark black and metallic spark black. The third option will be candy lime green supplemented with metallic spark black.

There will be three colours of J300 scooter and two colours of J125 available in 2018. Subtle changes are made to the J- Family and they enjoy the benefits of these detailed graphic upgrades. The J300 greets the new season in metallic anthracite black, while there will also be a metallic flat anthracite black version plus a metallic matte gunmetal grey model. The updated J125 machines will complete the family with a metallic flat anthracite black version and a metallic matte gunmetal grey variant.

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