Wednesday, August 4

F1 supplier Mulholland Automotive unveils its first car – Legend 480 coupe

Mulholland Group, a British company that manufactures composite parts for cars that race in Formula One and the World Rally Championship (WRC), unveiled a coupe called Legend 480.

The company is taking its first steps as an automaker. The Legend 480 Coupe follows the blueprint of the classic TVR British sports car.  The Legend 480 denotes the presence of a 480-horsepower V8 engine under the long hood. Other details (like the coupe’s weight) are under wraps, too.

It should be relatively light, though. Twenty years of making racing components helped Mulholland design a state-of-the-art carbon fiber chassis that keeps the two-seater’s mass in check. 

The turbocharged 480 coupe was conceived by the famous former TVR designer Damian Mctaggart. Currently available for preorder, the company has expressed future plans to produce a wider range of models, hinting at the possibility of electric cars.

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