Tuesday, May 30

Destination Moto- Motorcycle enthusiasts new pin on the map

Pune already has its fair share of stores dedicated to serving the needs of motorcycling enthusiasts. With some names that have already been serving the needs of riders for over a decade there is a new kid on the block. Not too far away from Laxminarayan theatre signal, the new biking store opened for business on 15th April 2016.


Inaugurated by one of the senior family members of the Omkar automobiles family, Destination Moto was officially open for business. Attending the do were family members, friends and a few riders.

Speaking on the occasion, proprietor Manish Nikam stated that unlike his counterparts who are dedicated to biking stores, Destination Moto will be more of a one-stop destination life style store for the erstwhile rider. Keeping in stock most popular brand of safety apparels and helmets, the addition of adventure gear, eye-wear, t-shirts and a few niche’ products like induction speakers and paper wallets adds to the charm of the store.

In addition to the standard items on offer there will a some merchandise coming in where riders can customize it to their taste.
At the event we also caught up with Mr. Ahire, managing partner of 100 KMPH. The launch of the store also marks the first location in Pune where 100 KMPH has its physical presence.

Be it the ever so popular tees or the biking posters, motoring enthusiasts can purchase them over the counter. When asked about what is their next offering, well a new trick up their sleeves and a message for 100KMPH fans to stick in there for the announcement.

Post by: Savio Tavadia

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