Wednesday, May 24

Bosch Help Connect- automatic emergency calls for motorcycles introduced

When an accident happens, every second counts. The quicker motorcyclists receive assistance, the greater their chances of survival. The risk of being killed in a crash is still 20 times higher for motorcyclists than for car drivers. This has prompted Bosch to develop Help Connect, a digitally connected emergency call system for motorized two-wheelers that speeds up the rescue process. 

The Bosch Help Connect system features an ‘intelligent crash algorithm’ that’s installed in the motorcycle’s inertial sensor unit. The system, along with the Bosch Motorcycle Stability Control (MSC), measures acceleration and angular velocity one hundred times a second.

In the unfortunate event that the motorcycle meets with an accident, the system detects the sudden change in speed and angular position of the motorcycle, and automatically sends out an alert via the Bosch Vivatar smartphone app.

Bosch says the algorithm is smart enough to distinguish between a severe mishap on the road and a situation where the motorcycle accidentally fell over while it was parked. The other advantage of the system is that it doesn’t require a separate control system and can easily integrate with the motorcycle’s inertial sensors. The system connects to Bosch’s app via Bluetooth, but more importantly, a motorcycle manufacturer’s proprietary apps can also be integrated with the system.

The emergency call service will initially be available for customers from Germany. Users will be able to communicate with the Bosch Service Center in German or English from any European country. If the accident is severe and the rider fails to respond, emergency services are immediately directed to the scene. As smartphones are generally carried close to the body, riders who have been in an accident can be quickly located even if they were thrown off their vehicle in the crash.

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