Tuesday, May 30

BMW unveils R 5 Hommage Concept. A tribute to the 1936 BMW R5

BMW has revealed a stunning new concept bike at the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este. Christened the R 5 Hommage Concept, the motorcycle is a tribute to the 1936 BMW R5 model.

BMW R5 Hommage (6)

The engine in the R5 Hommage is an original air-cooled 500cc boxer twin that was damaged in a race, but has been rebuilt and fitted with a supercharger.

Custom building brothers Ronny and Benny Noren rebuilt the motor according to the plans laid down by the BMW Design Team in Munich. The Norén brothers used their thirty years of bike-building experience to produce the parts needed to bring the Hommage to life.

BMW R5 Hommage (7)

Eighty years ago, BMW revealed the groundbreaking R5—a machine that influenced motorcycle design right up to the 1950s, and still casts a spell over custom builders.

One of the most appealing aspects of the R 5 is its simplicity in both its form and its function. This simplicity has greatly influenced the R 5 Hommage too.

BMW R5 Hommage (2)

The frame and fuel tank are all new and hand-crafted with simple and clean lines to reflect the original R5 design.The brakes and suspension are also modern components and the brake and clutch levers are mounted so that they pivot from the end of the bars.

BMW R5 Hommage (15)

BMW has made it clear that it is purely a concept and at this stage there are no plans for anything like it to go into production.


BMW R 5 Hommage Concept


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