Thursday, June 8

Bajaj Urbanite will be Tesla in the two-wheeler space

Bajaj is reportedly working on ‘premium’  electric two-wheelers and three-wheelers, codenamed -‘Urbanite’. Bajaj MD Rajiv Bajaj has stated that the Urbanite will aim to, ‘do a Tesla in the two-wheeler space.’

The electric vehicles under the brand name ‘Urbanite’ will be sold for both for the domestic as well as international markets. Bajaj also confirmed that the electric vehicles including three-wheelers under the new franchise will go on sale by 2020.

Bajaj is not the first Indian company to show interest in the EV space.

Hero Electric has been around for over 10 years now, and has a strong network of 300 sales and service centres.

Ather Energy, a Bangalore-based hardware startup has launched India’s first electric smart scooter called S340. The S340 comes with a range of up to 60 kilometres in one single charge. The company claims its Lithium Ion battery pack is IP67 rated and offers an uncompromised ride for 50,000 kms. The company has started pre-order for the smart scooter in Bangalore, Chennai and Pune.


Two-wheeler major TVS Motors’ also plan to launch an electric scooter in the Indian market. The electric scooter, captured in a camouflaged state while being charged in Bengaluru, share parts with the Jupiter.

Pune-based electric bike maker Tork Motorcycles has been in the news for unveiling India’s first all-electric motorcycle – T6X.

Stay tuned as we bring more on Urbanite.

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