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Bajaj Qute & Mahindra Quadricycle launch in months

The concept of quadricycle has been well received by many top-notch cities around the world, to avoid congested traffic and reduce emissions. For India, the quadricycle segment is absolutely new and is likely to get a green signal in coming weeks.

Mahindra & Mahindra and Tata Motors have again got active to be part of the new mobility solution for last-mile connectivity. Bajaj Auto, which already sells a quadricycle in foreign markets, meanwhile, has asked component suppliers to be ready for higher production.

A year back, Mahindra C101 Quadricycle was a topic for discussion several times on the web world. Sources close to Mahindra said, “For a company which sells two-wheelers to trucks, it makes obvious sense to have a quadricycle as part of the portfolio. It is part of the plan and the showcase of the concept is a proof in itself of M&M’s interest in the segment,”

The government is expected to notify rules for the quadricycle segment in a fortnight. Minister for Road Transport & Highways, Nitin Gadkari, quoted that the safety standards for quadricycles will be more stringent than in Europe.

The Bajaj Qute has proven itself to be a truly versatile city vehicle as tourist vehicles, passenger carriers and school transport vehicles in many international markets. Once the ministry notifies the rules, Bajaj Auto will have to clear a mandatory crash test to obtain certification from the Automotive Research Association of India to sell its quadricycle, the Qute, in India.

The Qute is powered by a fuel injected, water-cooled Digital Tri-Spark ignition 4-valve engine which produces 13.2 hp & 19.6 Nm and is mated to 5-speed gearbox. With a small turning circle radius of 3.5m, Qute is equipped to take the twists and turns of urban roads with ease and has maximum speed of 70 kmph. CNG and LPG variants are also on the list.

The Qute has a dash mounted shift lever, which offers very low resistance and is also conveniently located. The body of the Qute is made of high strength steel and sits on monocoque construction.

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