Friday, February 26

2021 Mahindra Roxor teased. Continues retro-theme

Mahindra will soon release a heavily updated version of its US-market Roxor off-roader. The Roxor off-roader will come with major design updates as a new teaser of Mahindra’s off-roader has taken over the internet. 

Built and designed by Mahindra’s North American subsidiary MANA (Mahindra Automotive North America) situated in Auburn Hills, Michigan, the Roxor is an off-roader and falls under the side-by-side category in the USA. The Roxor off-roader was first launched in the United States back in May 2018.

Looking at the teaser, the new-look Roxor continues its retro-theme, without the Jeep influence, and now gets a much wider nose than before. The wider bonnet houses the wheels within its width, and the rest of the front end is rather bare

This time Mahindra will not be taking any design elements from it arch-rival Jeep and maybe that is the only reason that within such short timespan Mahindra is ready to face Jeep with an all-new 2021 Roxor.

The Roxor will most likely continued to be sold with the same 64hp, 2.5-litre diesel engine as before, which is quite similar, mechanically, to the 2.5-litre Di engine that was available in many Mahindra models in India, including the Thar. Two gearbox choices are on offer – a 5-speed manual and a 6-speed automatic. Coming to the off-road gear the Roxor features a 2-speed transfer case, full-floating axles with upgraded 5.38:1 gearing, leaf springs, disc brakes on the front and drum brakes at the rear. The power is balanced by 16-inch wheels.

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