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Why did Mahindra messed an icon- the Thar?

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2015 Mahindra Thar facelift speedo cluster

Snapshot: The 2015 model is the first update the Thar has received ever since its launch in 2010. When launched,we were surprised to see the ugly bumper extension on the front fender. Why did Mahindra messed an icon? The answer is here.

The Central Motor Vehicle Regulations (CMVR) now mandate that all new passenger vehicles must have improved pedestrian safety. Most pedestrian crashes involve a forward moving car .

2015 Mahindra Thar facelift
2015 Mahindra Thar facelift

Most limb injuries occur due to a direct blow from the bumper. This leads to damage to the knee due to bending of the joint. Thus, attempts at reducing these injuries involve reducing the peak contact forces by making the bumper softer and increasing the contact area and by limiting the amount of knee bending by modifying the geometry of the front end of the car. The norms also states the need for eliminating the gap between the bumper and the fender which can be seen in the previous Thar model.

Mahindra Thar fender gap
Mahindra Thar fender gap

This is the reason why  at Mahindra to stick that ugly plastic contraption onto to the front end of the Mahindra Thar,

2015 Mahindra Thar facelift gets extended plastic fender
2015 Mahindra Thar facelift gets extended plastic fender

It’s only the CRDe version of the SUV that has received the update, while the DI version remains unchanged. Launched at Rs. 8.25 lakh, the 2015 Mahindra thar CRDe now costs around Rs. 50,000 more than the discontinued CRDe model.

On the outside, the vehicle gets new front and rear bumpers, new headlamps with clear lenses, larger footsteps and slightly titled canopy. It also features larger side-steps and a slightly different rear canopy.

2015 Mahindra Thar facelift (13)

Inside, the Mahindra Thar gest a new dashboard which is in contrast with Bolero’s dash which looks far more superior than what we have seen for the predecessor of the SUV. The design of the centre console do grabs attention at once. The instrument cluster is a three-pot type while the design of the steering wheel gets inspired from the new Bolero. There are changes to the door trims as well while the occupants will find new floor console with cup holders.

2015 Mahindra Thar facelift dashboard
2015 Mahindra Thar facelift dashboard

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