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GOC customizes Harley-Davidson Sportster for Krakow Hard Rock Cafe

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Polish custom bike company GOC (Game Over Cycles) recently revealed this rare custom work to be part of Krakow Hard Rock Cafe’s artifact collection. The custom job includes a host of parts influenced by music and music gear.


Just about every part on the original Sportster – from the frame and engine covers to the wheels and exhaust system – has been modified to rock and roll.


The music-influenced components don’t just look good, but many are also fully operational elements of the customized motorcycle. In fact, the only non-custom component of the Cafe Racer is its original 2004 Evolution engine.


“Musical” parts of the bike are:

  • Rear swing-arm imitating guitar fretboard
  • Full wheels with engraved tracks like on a vinyl record
  • Leather seat with engraved chorus notes of song “Highway to Hell” by AC/DC
  • Air filter in the form of microphone
  • Coil cover in the shape of guitar with a suction mechanism, where tremolo arm also is used for carrying out suction in the carburetor
  • Battery box in the shape of amplifier
  • Exhaust system with adjustable sound
  • Shift lever imitating a turntable arm



Head on over to the gallery for lots of photos of this one-of-a-kind custom Harley


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