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Uber testing colour coding experiment for seamless pickups

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Cab service Uber is testing a colour-coding scheme for passenger pickups, called SPOT, which will allow drivers and passengers to easily find each other.The company is testing new technology in Seattle.

The passengers  and drivers sometimes have difficulty finding each other, especially when it’s crowded or dark outside. The technology, called SPOT, allows riders and drivers to connect through the use of color.

Uber color coding experiment
Uber color coding experiment

The SPOT devices that are attached to the windshield of the cabs. When a rider requests a trip and is matched with a SPOT-enabled driver, the passenger will be asked to select a colour in the app while waiting. The passenger can even light up their phone screen by pressing and holding on the colour to help the driver quickly identify them. When the driver arrives, the SPOT device on his or her windshield will glow in the rider’s chosen color.

Posted by: Megha Madhavan

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