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German tuner Wunderlich has developed a two-wheel drive motorcycle concept based on BMW R1200GS by adding an electrical front-wheel gearbox.

The system appears very simple – the front wheel is kitted out with an electric 10 kilowatts (13.6hp) hub motor that draws power from a small battery pack that is placed under the front beak.

Wunderlich BMW R1200GS 2WD  (2)

Wunderlich BMW R1200GS 2WD  (3)

The electric motor has regenerative braking, which helps charge its battery pack . Energy produced while braking is used to recharge a battery and the front wheel is able to pull the bike at up to 20kmph even with the engine turned off.

Wunderlich BMW R1200GS 2WD  (7)

With this system the motorcycle can even go in reverse with a speed of at up to 3 km/h when you’re stuck in a slope and with bike loaded about 270kgs.

Wunderlich BMW R1200GS 2WD  (6)

Most of the electronic components are sourced from Italian company Evolt and Wunderlich has modded few things to make it fit on to the motorcycle chassis.

Wunderlich BMW R1200GS 2WD  (11)

Right now, the R1200GS LC hybrid 2WD system is just a concept and Wunderlich hasn’t revealed any plans to put it up for sale.

Posted by: Megha Madhavan

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